55. Don’t wear makeup, if you are a man. Wear makeup if you are a woman

“Wohoo! Make-up!”

“Dude, we’re trying to watch some football here, why are you putting on eyeliner?”

“..., sorry.”

“You know that it’s better to start with your lips.”


Woman = Ok.

The problem with makeup is that it looks weird if not applied correctly. If you face dip yourself into a bucket of makeup you will look strange, for the most of it. If applied correctly you can look super! So what do do? Well, in principle don’t use makeup if you’re a guy and use makeup if you’re a girl. Like I’ve told you before. Use the right amount. Don’t go… hmm… just a little bit more… and a little bit more, all the time.

Man = ...

Then you will most certainly overdue it. And why not take some advice from others and professional make-up artist. They should know right? Enough is enough then you’re “normal.”

Images from here and here.