61. Don’t go to work if you are severely ill

“I was hit by a train filled up with elephants and grenades.”

“So your leg is broken and face is off? Are you coming in after lunch or?”

This is apparently what sick people look like at work.

If you are practically deformed from injury… then call in sick. If you have a severe illness… then you should also call in sick. If you feel half okay, then go to work.

You should not be a hazard or danger to your colleges. Instead you should be their spot of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy sky. You should make a better day for others and they will make a better day for you. Then we will all have better days and feel… well, better! WE CAN PULL IT TOGETHER IF WE TRY!

This was apparently funny once upon a time.

Just stay home if you’re sick, then you’re “normal”. 

Images from here and here