2. Watch television… but try not to watch crap all the time

Yeah. We all do it, at some point of our day.


Well now we just don t call it television. Instead it s YouTube, Hulu, FanCast etc. You should at least watch some form of moving pictures every day. But if you would like to evolve as a person it s probably a good thing not to watch just hour after hour of crap and pure crap but to mix up the crap with something better, like a documentary or a lecture at Kahn Academy. Then you could learn something new and like GI Joe tells you "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


I enjoy a dog eating an ice cream as much as the next guy but please if this is all you do every day well then don t expect wonders. Yeah, I said it. But I do not say that you should never ever watch a dog eating ice cream, but just not all the time. It could be a bit difficult to have a conversation with you if you all the time go


Yeah right and that dog eat ice cream too, or what?


But don t worry you re just normal .
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