3. Wear clothes

“My god you’re naked!”

“Indeed I am.”

It’s probably a good idea to wear some clothes most part of your day. There are several benefits of wearing cloths:

  1. They keep you warm
  2. You have a smaller risk of getting arrested
  3. You don’t accidentally cook yourself (Thank you GTA 3 radio for that tip)
  4. You don’t get hot fat-stains on your bare skin (it kinda hurts) when your frying a hot dog or something
  5. You look a bit more normal than the nude guys across the road


This is clothes, just so you know.

So what are the drawbacks with cloths wearing? Well you will probably need to buy your clothes and that costs money. If you don’t use clothes you can save a lot of money on being clothe less… but, like I told you, the risk of getting arrested will increase because for the most part people do not agree with a naked life style. So now I will list some benefits of being clothes less:

  1. You will probably never get a rash
  2. You will get the perfect tan
  3. Some people will really enjoy seeing you naked and their day will be just a tad better off


Some clothes look... different.

There are of course several better and worse things with clothes, can you think of some? Post a comment with your ideas about clothes wearing why don’t you.

Last, but not least, if you wear clothes then you’re probably “normal”. 

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