9. Feast on candy and tell your children that they can only eat candy on the weekends.

Remember when you were a kid? {Well some of you do, because you are kids. Some of you are too old to remember stuff and some of you just remember.}

Candy, candy, candy.

When you walked down the stairs and saw your parents eating all that candy and you were all like “What the F, they told me they didn’t have any.”, well that’s parents. Usually they actually try to do their best, but let’s face it.


Some of the time you where (and are) a douche or rather a pain in the b*tt. You scream, you complain, you break stuff and what does your parents do {Well I have no idea but probably} they say “No problem, this will make you feel better.” and give you a hug. Simple and nice. A hug.  Just that.

So yeah, go ahead and feast on candy parents because when your kids grow up they are gonna get it.And kids… just wait till your grown up, than you can eat candy every dayJ In general don’ t worry, your just “normal”.

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