10. Say that you enjoy all kinds of music, but really don’t

You don’t like all kinds of music, it’s impossible.

Argh! Bad music!

First of you haven’t heard all kinds of music, and second of all… some music just sucks! Really sucks! What you do is that you say that you enjoy all kinds of music and then in secret you are very cautious about what music you really listen to.


Good and bad music.

It’s probably wise not to listen only to a specific type of music but to some different but you can’t go listen to all. And if your friend goes:

“Have you heard this, it is awesome!?”

You could say.

“Nah… I’m just listening to good music right now, maybe later.”

The mood will probably be weird so it’s probably better to just go ahead and dig something new, that’s “normal”.

Some music, just really suck.

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