4. Read newspapers, but not too well

Do you read newspapers? Great!

Do you not read newspapers? Bad!

Well you don’t need to read an actual old school printed media news on paper but try to take in some sort of news every day. First of some general news about your country, the world and why not with at touch of science, economics, politics and sports?


This guy likes to read newspapers... just look at him.

Well, if you have the time. But let’s be honest, you do have the time for some news reading, don’t you? Unless your ice cream eating dogs are clogging up your schedule then you will have time to do all this things, right?

Yes, this is correctJ

Okay. So, say that you read newspapers. But how well do you read them? If you read newspapers to well you tend to be a boaster, or a show off. And nobody likes a show off. It is impressive, I agree, if you can name the exact amount of things in a thing but do we really need you to? Nah, I don’t think so. If I wanted to know the exact figures I check them out myself.

This kid might be a bragger.

So don’t brag too much about what you have read and don’t always go “As [Random Newspaper] said in their latest article about [some random thing] I concur”.

Last, but not least, don’t worry you’re just “normal”. 

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