13. Sit down when you take a crap

It sounds like the most basic thing you do, but no. It is not. First off “stand crapping” is standard procedure in several countries. Just aim for the hole and drop, so to speak. I’m talking of course about the Squatting toilet.

Note the position of the hands.

Well, that’s not very nice. I understand that if you want to keep it simple and can’t afford pluming and such, fine, let’s stand up and crap… but no… by second thought I don’t understand it. If you can’t afford two sticks and some nails then I understand it. You can always just smack up a couple of sticks and make a handy outdoor toilet, so why don’t make that indoor? Some “standing toilets” have special made porcelain “catchers” at the bottom and if you made it that far why don’t just build a chair… it doesn’t even have to be a good chair, just a chair. How many of you have actually sat on a really comfortable toilet? Not me, not by a long shot, but I rather sit than stand… if I’m not doing it for the exercise of course, then I can stand to, but it’s a bit more difficult I would say.

Suppose you really enjoy the “stand crap” but can’t seem to find a nice squat toilette, well tada! You can get a retrofit squatting device for seated toilet… OMG.


If you get the retrofit squatting device… I hate to brake it to you but(t) you’re probably only “normal” in some persons eyes. 

Just sit down like Peter. (For some reason I could not find one without the snowing.)

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