14. Do the dishes and don’t pile up a large pile of dish

Isn’t it awesome to have a huge pile of dishes just waiting for you when you come home from work, or when you wake up?

Right, that sucks!

You could argue that it’s more effective to clean the dishes once a week but… let’s face it, it would draw some attention to the kitchen sink area (or any sink area for that matter), and with a pile of dishes that’s not something to brag about. Instead just face the facts and clean it, plain and simple. Just clean it and be gone. Be off. Be great.

I don’t quite get why she is just sitting there thinking.

Instead just take it in turns or something. 

Cause it’s kinda great to have a clean kitchen sink. You can just look at it and feel “Yeah.”.

Just keep it clean and your considered “normal”.

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