16. Eat food

“I’m hungry!”

“Why don’t you eat food?”

“Right, I forgot.”

Food. In a pyramid.

Do eat food every single day. Yep. Don’t go a day without food if you can. Most of the people reading blogs can eat food so I encourage you to do so.

Eating food can be hard work.

The problem with not eating food is that you will get hungry and then grumpy and if you continue… well, then you will die, simple as that. But no problem, you won’t die if you skip breakfast… probably just feel bad.

Some food are scary.

Try to eat breakfast, lunch and supper and why not jam in two smaller coffee breaks in between so that you have a total of 5 meals a day? If you are able to choose good food it is so much better because if you know that you will be eating crap, then you probably won’t get hungry…

Poor grape.

So eat food, it’s “normal”. 

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