5. Use glasses if you have trouble with your eyesight and don’t squint your eyes like an old turtle… without glasses… that squints his eyes


Glasses? Yes. Glasses.

Let’s face it, your eyesight sucks! Well… if not, then lucky you. If you do need glasses then use them. Because one of the worst things about people with bad eyesight is those who do not get that they in fact have bad eyesight and need glasses. Instead they go squinting their eyes like crazy to try to figure out if that is an A or a B on the top row. And there are several different possibilities, yes. You can use contacts instead of glasses.


He just looks satisfied with his glasses.


It is as simple as that.


Apparently animals squint.

Just stroll down to the store and pick up some, or if you are a lazy (and price aware person) buy them online. You have no reason to squint your eyes. So come on and jump that hurtle… cause’ you don’t want to look like a turtle… without glasses… (yeah, that rhyme s*cked).

Philip J. Fry, legendary squint.

Stop squinting and you’re close to “normal”. 

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