6. Be nostalgic but not too nostalgic

It’s okay to chill out to Saved By the Bell or to dig Elvis (yep, I did jump between a 80/90 sitcom and the King, sorry bout’ that) but maybe not all the time.


Saved by the Bell, nice!

Elvis, also nice!

It’s like this:

“So Steve {yeah, you got it. You are Steve}, wanna go check out the new movie [random awesome new movie that everyone wants to see, not everyone but a lot of people]?”

“Nah, I’m gonna’ stay home and watch (The) Fresh Prince (of Bel-Air) with my Juicy Fruit and Hubba Bubba {or whatever is nostalgic to you}.

“Get him!” {Actually your friends probably will not kick your ass… but then again… you never now}

Fresh Prince, nice!

Stay safe and be nostalgic in your home and on you Mp3-player but not every minute of every day… this is reserved for really old people. If you, in fact, are a really old person then disregard this blog post and keep on living the dream, you are fantastic!

But don’t worry, you’re just “normal”. 

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