21. Dance only when you're drunk or acting like you are drunk

Sorry. Not all people can dance. But most people think they can dance. I partially belong to both groups. I can’t dance like a pro but I think I can dance pretty darn awesome! Well. I hate to break it to me {hmm… this is starting to get weird}

This guy knows it!

“…but you… that is I… can’t dance. “

“Well I can dance a bit…”

“You are right. You can dance a bit. But that’s it.”

The thing about dancing and alcohol is that we probably don’t become, all by a sudden, better dancers after a couple of shots… but we think that we do, right? So when you’re walking into the club (or whatever) you feel insecure and probably a bit ugly, compared to the supermodels that always seems to be at the same parties as you, you do the common thing… walk up to the bar and buy yourself some confidence.


That’s the problem. Because you do not become a better dancer, you think that you do… but that’s not the same thing. However you don’t have enough confidence to dance without Jack or Jim so you have to do something. Well. You could act drunk.

It’s crazy, but it just might do it for you. Because when you act drunk people around you, hopefully, think that you are drunk and then you yourself will probably think that you are drunk because the people around you are and think that you are so then you get better self esteem and then… you can dance.

Well you still suck at dancing but you don’t think that you do, and that’s the thing because you’re just “normal”. 

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