22. Go to school… and learn stuff

We all have to do it at some point in our lives. Some goes longer than others but all in all we go to school and learn stuff.

This is not school... its shool. This has nothing to do with my case. 

The great thing about school is that you learn so many different things. This is something that you probably don’t think or enjoy while you’re in school but when you have left it things change. Yes, they do.


No Calvin, you would not do anything. 

You start to look back at all the fun things and being around with your friends all day long. Then you will also remember the bad stuff… but after a while these dark memories will fade and the good parts will grow stronger, all the time… hopefully.

OMG stick figures!

So if you’re at school try to enjoy it, because one day it’s over and then… well, then you can’t go to school anymore and that’s both awesome and cr*p at the same time. So go to school, it’s “normal”. 

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