23. Do some sort of exercise and talk about it like it is natural and that everybody do it.

Your body needs to do something more than just sit in the sofa and throw down beers. This is of course a nice thing to do sometimes but not really the healthiest lifestyle - if you do it a bit too much.

Yes we do.

So do something for your body. Go walking, cycling, skiing… heck I don’t care as long as you like what you’re doing then it’s probably something that you’ll continue doing and that’s the idea. If you really hate jogging… f*ck it. You shouldn’t do exercise that you really dislike if it is possible to find something more fun.

This guy looks... strange.

The important thing is that you do something and, as I said, you will probably do more of it if you like it. This can also be a good way to meet friends and other people or a place of solitude where you are the only participant.

This is one cool guy, no pun intended.

Well if you do exercise you need to talk about it, that’s what “normal” people do. Some talk about it a bit too much and others not at all. Well its “normal”.

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