26. Don’t hit people, repress your rage and take it out on weird projects.

“I’m gonna hit you so bad!”


“I said I think I will build a model railway.”

“Oo, okay weirdo”

People fighting... in hockey gear.

Yeah. It’s probably a good idea not to hit people. First off you will go to jail if you get caught. And you will get caught because you often hit people that you know…. if you hit people in the first place.

Google gave me this.

Secondly they will hit you back. And you don’t want to get hit, it sucks. So instead just do something else with your rage and irritation. Repress it, like a “normal” person would do.

A really cool model railway.

Find something else to do with your time, such as building a boat… or driving a car in the country side. So go on and just do it. If you do not hit people… well, then you’re close to “normal”. 

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