28. Wear a tie at a job interview and take it off if the interview wants you to take off your tie

So you’re sweaty and nervous at your job interview and you dressed nice. Not over the top, so that they think you’re a snob, but not wearing an animal hide like a cave man… nah, rather somewhere a bit above the middle towards the snob… yeah, you get it.

This is how you do it. Simple.

So, if you’re a guy, you wear a suit (with tie of course) and you’re sitting there in the chair and waiting for the interviewer. He, on the other hand, does not wear a suit. In the short moments of time passing you are analyzing the situation and thinking about how he will perceive you while he, on the other hand, probably wants to learn more about you and don’t care to much about what you wear… even though you think so. After a while he says…

“I don’t think the tie thing works.”, what do you do?

Well… it’s hard. Because if you immediately take it off he might think that you are insecure and don’t know in what direction you would like to go with different projects and so you (he probably doesn’t think about that) hesitate and ask him why.

“Might I ask why?”


“Well… why?”

“How do you think that the specialists dress that you will be meeting after this interview?”

“The specialists?”

“The technical experts. Do you think that they use tie in the lab?”

“… probably not.”

“Correct, so skip the tie.”

If this is your tie, you will look awesome... at least I think so.

What do you do? Well, wouldn’t it be cool to just keep the tie and go “If the tie goes, I go.”, but let’s face it, that’s probably not gonna happen. Instead, because you really want this job and you are nervous as heck, you say.

“Yes sir, may I take another garment off?”

“…, no. The tie will suffice.”

This tie can be used as a pillow.

Well if you are sitting there without a tie you’re probably just “normal”, but for god’s sake wear it at the start of the interview. 

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