19. Dream… or rather have dreams… yeah, that’s what I mean

We have to have dreams. Every single one of us. Whether it’s meeting that special someone or becoming crazy a$$ rich! I’m not talking about the weird things we do at night that some of us remember but the things we do each and every day.

This is not what I'm talking about. Not even close.

You know. We dream. We dream of getting out of here (wherever here is) and just going somewhere new and starting up from the beginning. We have to have that. I believe that it’s really good to dream and have high hopes about the future. Well, then you might argue… what about the really old people… well, I don’t know about that… first of I did not catch your argument but ok.

Even coconuts have dreams apparently.

Well I believe that you can have dreams both when you’re young and when you’re old. But of course the dreams may alter during the years.

Mr Costner have a dream in this movie. It's a dream about a field. Yep, they made movies about that in the 80ies. 7.6 on IMDB, what can I say. 

That’s okay. Yep. That is okay. No problem. Let your dreams change, it’s part of life, but get some frekking dreams… that’s all I’m saying. So get a dream, or several, and you are “normal”.

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