20. Start a mediocre blog about yourself

You have to have a mediocre blog about yourself.

No, he did not say this...

Everybody have a mediocre blog about themselves. With posts like “This is me!” and “This is my cat!” you can go far (read: not so far). But that’s not the point. The best thing about a blog is that you can post whatever you like (perhaps not everything, but much).

That's not so much information. And what's up with his face?

Because you are fantastic… at least if you ask yourself. So is everybody else but we need to shout this out so that everybody gets it.

They would know.

Blogs can be really cheap and great or expensive and awful. I don’t care what the case is as long as you like your own blog, that’s the thing. So go out there and start blogging… it’s “normal”.

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