35. Have low self-esteem… and then sometimes high

"I suck."


It will be okay.

Think low about yourself… you are not worth anything. And then think that you are the king of the world and frekkin awesome! That’s how people feel in general. Life is a rollercoaster (as Ronan Keating would say it) so just enjoy the highs and fear the lows and you will be fine. Because life is, sadly, not a perfect match with you every day. Some days just really sucks. I mean, really suck. Really, really hard. But that’s life. Because some days can also be wonderful and fantastic in so many ways.

Hahaha... this is awesome!

You can experience bliss and magic and then you wake up on the floor of your bathroom and wonder how you got there (trying to make up a scenario was you have low self-esteem). Sometimes you don’t feel nice and sometimes you feel good… well, that’s just “normal”.

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