37. Check your inbox all the time… yes all the time

Aaaah! You haven’t checked your mail in the last three seconds! Panic! Sadly this is normal for most people. They check their inbox all the time even though they haven’t heard a “new mail” notice beep… or bleep; they just check it for the fun of it. 

How often does this really happen?

Something of the following is bound to happen:

1) “Perhaps I’ve just won $50 million!?”
“Did you enter a lottery?”

2) “I have to check my mail right now.”
“What do you mean why?”

3) “Yes!”
“I’ve just got spam.”
“And, that’s good because?”


Got mail?

So, keep up the trend and check your mail… something is bound to enter it… someday… it’s just “normal”.

Images from here and here.