39. Keep in touch with the trends but don’t be too trendy

“Yeah, I just got them. They are the latest model, of course! They say that this is the year of the clown body.”

“… Uhum… okey. Good for you?”


Get some new things and keep up with some trends but don’t be the one going around and trying to set them.

“Why are you wearing a duck on your head?”

“Didn’t you hear, this is the SH*T, it’s a brand new brand.”

“Yeah… about that, your duck just poop on your neck you know.”

“It’s not poop, it’s Crème fraiche.”

(Even though I don’t need to cite South Park when I mention crème fraise I will do it anyway, “Passengers said the Carnival Cruise line smelled like poop, but that was an improvement.”)

Trends? I suppose.

Instead you should find your trends and stick to them. If you are an old man… well use a shirt and some loose pants… not an umbrella and sunscreen. Try to be “normal”, it’s not that hard. 

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