40. Use your phone, but not to call people

“Why didn’t you answer when I called you?”

“Duh! Because I was playing [insert cool random new game (read: app) here].”

Some people call this a phone.

Who uses their phones mainly to call people? Probably very few and people with old phones… or old people… or both… that’s old people with old phones. The rest uses their phones to everything but calling. Like reading the news and learning new stuff…. who am I kidding?

This would be really awesome, my own little robot dude.

People probably mostly use new weird apps and play games on their phones with nothing even close to productivity. Back in the days the phones help people to be productive and stay in contact with each other (not really) and this is of course true today as well… but, come on… don’t you (read: I) do more crap then good on your phone? Are you telling the truth?

Okay… okay! Calm down. You’re all right. So you don’t call with your phone… you’re just “normal”.

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