41. Cook your food - raw meat is only an expression

Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy raw meat as it is? Just grab a steak from the grocery store and feast on it right outside the doors. Imagine the time we could save! Instead we have to cook it all… all the time. Well, you could argue that not all food needs to be cooked before eating… take most fruit and vegetables for example… you are correct.

Cover, anyone?

And you can eat sushi, steak tartar etc. But what about sushi… that’s raw right? Well… the raw fish in sushi is often frozen (below -20C in all parts of the product for not less than 24 hours in the EU, regulation No 853/2004 (yeah, I Wikipedia/Wikipediaed… (or whatever you call it) it) before being consumed to get rid of parasites and most MO).

Mmm... meat.

Yeah… that’s all nice and good, but I’m talking flesh. Red meat. That juicy stake that just melt in your mouth. Well you have to do something with it. If you cook your meat you usually get rid of bacteria, parasites etc. and of course the taste is greatly improved. So if you like to eat some meat… then prepare to cook it or else. Or else what? Exactly (Again with the frekkin South Park, yeah, sorry bout’ that but they’re pretty awesome).

Why don’t you just cook your food, that’s what “normal” people do.

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