42. Complain about your life and joke that it could be worse… which very often is the case if you are not a disfigured, starving orphan fighting of boy hungry monsters in a dessert without water or food… or a weapon of some sort so you’re using one of your severed arms to fight them off (like Fry did with Zoidberg in that one episode).


Get him Fry!

So your life sucks. Whose doesn’t?

“Well, I tell you who! The rich and famous… for starters.”

“Probably. But their life also sucks sometimes. They have most of our problems as well with health problems, trust issues, loosing loved ones and illness. But it probably feels better if you’re dying in a Ferrari than in a [insert random crappy car name here]. So complain a little, but let’s face it, if you are able to read this then you probably don’t have an unearthly bad life, right? It could be a hell of a lot worse. You are not on fire right now… “

“Actually, I am.”

“OMG, are you? Call the fire brigade… or department… or anybody with a fire extinguisher.”

“Nah… don’t bother, I’m just kidding.”

Fry hates his life... but it gets better!

Have in mind the really troubled people and perhaps you get some perspective on your life. Or just complain about it, that’s “normal”.

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