47. If your hair is getting thinner… cut it short and start wearing caps.

“Does my hair look thin?”

“What hair?”

Aarrgh! No hair! (the irony).

You are gonna experience it. Sadly more common if you’re a guy. First you get the V:s on your scalp and then you start feeling a bit too much skin when you scratch your head. Well… if you can’t afford surgery and tried the far too expensive products… cut it off. All of it. It’s okay to go skinhead here, we won’t judge you {to your face}. And you gonna have to start enjoying caps and/or hats. Yeah… they’re gonna be a big part of your life from now on.

Which type are you?

Get a couple different so that you could change among them. And… well… you start saving up for surgery… if you can’t stand you head turning into a patchy sack of skin. Cut it, shave it, cover it… then you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.