48. Eat fruit and vegetables

“Mmm… this steak is awesome!”

“Steak? You mean the carrot you gulped?”


Even though meat could be pretty good, it’s not crazy to eat something else. You have to blend (or mix is probably a better word) your food and dishes with fruit and vegetables. Grab a banana or an apple at the coffee break, and not just a coffee. When you eat lunch don’t just choose some fast food free from fruit and vegetables instead look for something that looks a bit more, for the lack of a better word, healthy. You can ask yourself if a healthy person would eat what you eat… then go ahead. You will feel better if you eat some vegetables from time to time… why not make it a trend? You will not get turned green and look weird if you eat fruit and vegetables… probably the opposite.

fruit, Fruit, FRUIT! No. Frut. Ah.

And when it’s about to be lunch… well, grab a carrot and some corn why don’t you and have a kiwi for dessert perhaps? Fruit and vegetables are “normal”.

Images from here and here