49. Use the microwave oven when fast heating your food and not your woodchip heater

“Isn’t this micro super! I know it’s a bit slow at start but then, when it gets going it’s sweet!”

“You do know that you are roasting everything over an open fire, right?”

Happy happy! (Not the cat.)

Isn’t the microwave pretty darn fantastic. It can heat up your food in mere seconds and it actually taste… well… not as good as if you cooked it in a real way, but hey… it’s fast. When you heat up your food be sure to remove everything that you don’t want to heat up… for example your vegetables.

Clean it, at least sometimes.

Then just blast away and enjoy a half-okay meal. It would of course be pretty cool to use a woodchip heater instead of microwave but it’s definitely not “normal”. 

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