50. Help old people over the street and think about why they left their house if they can’t even cross a street.

“Could you please help me cross the street, young man?”

“Of course… but if you don’t mind me asking, why the [insert curse word here] did you leave your home if you can’t cross the street [insert second curse word  here, if you like]?”



You have to help old people to cross the street, it’s part of the deal.

“What deal?”

“The deal of life, douche!”

I know that this is not exactly a new discovery but what did you think? This site is about being normal… you’ve probably heard it all in some form… or? Just disregard that and continue reading if you pleaseJ

So why can’t the old people cross the road… well, it’s easy… their old. Get over it! Well… you are correct sir. It’s okay to be old.


If, we’re lucky we’re all gonna be old and then… well we want to cross roads… so help them, your just “normal”. 

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