51. When you look at a person doing something with their body at TV, imitate them.

I’m not talking weird, unnatural stuff with a sexual undertone, no I’m talking something else. Like if a guy or a girl shows how to turn their ankle in the correct way… then you sit there in your sofa and go:

“Hmm… I can do that.” And you start twisting and turning your ankle just to prove to yourself that you know how to… etc.

Twist! (And shout? No.)

Now, it’s not that much of a success but still.

“Honey, look at me!? I can raise my toe.”

“That’s great dear. Would you mind raising the volume as well?”

This is awesome!

So, why do we imitate the things we see at television… well, mainly because we’re idiots and partly because we like to learn new things? So imitate that guy… your “normal”.

Images from here and here.