52. Stream movies

“What the h*ll are you doing?”

“I’m streaming baby!”

“Well, ok, but do you have to do it naked?”

A stream.

Who watch movies “live”? It’s kind of early 2000. The thing is to stream them. Then you can see them when you want to and even pause them (which you of course could do without streaming the movies… but anyway, I’m making a point here). What do you have to be prepared for when watching streaming movies:

1) Low quality, this sucks but it’s probably true because you are going to “find” your streaming sites and go “Hmm… I’m not gonna pay for this.”

2) Unwanted stops. Imagine that you’re watching a great movie; you’ve been watching it for a while and the all of a sudden BLAM! It stops and you’re sitting there going “Crap! What’s up with this?”… Well, too bad. Because that’s what you get.

3) Well there is probably lot’s of more problems with this but… it still beats the television. (Just like Mr Garrions Entity IT still beats the air lines).

Ah... so that's what it is.

Stream it baby, it’s “normal”.  

Images from here and here.