63. Water your plants

“Water me! WATER ME!”


Wouldn’t it be weird if your plants actually told you to water them? It would be even weirder if your pants told you the same thing. Well… perhaps. But you do know that they will die if you don’t. Isn’t that a good enough reason? If you don’t water them, they will get sick and die… well no, they will dehydrate… but they look sick.

This just doesn't make sense. Water watering plants.

Yeah, it’s tough to water your plants, day after day… after day… they ask so much. They want to be watered, and then sometimes to get some form of repotting or new soil to grow in and you just “Hmm… don’t think so… Just stand there and wither.”

You’re a cruel person if you don’t water your plants, so give them some and you‘re considered  “normal”. 

Images from here and here.