64. Clean your home

“What’s that?”

“Oh, you mean my monster?”


“It’s just unbusted dust.”


Apparently they exist.

Well, when you think about it it’s not that crazy? Right? The thing is that if you don’t clean your house it will get dirty… and not all that. But the bad thing about cleaning is:

1) It’s not fun

2) It has to be done

3) It takes time

On the plus side

1) You get a clean home

2) You probably don’t get sick because of your shitty home

3) It’s a lot nicer to have a clean house than to have a crazy house


Get the stuff and go bustin'!

And you cannot just use the vacuum cleaner and then your done… oh, no. You have to use your dust cloths, the mop, the special deluxe cleaning thing etc. (if you want a clean home of course.) And you really have to dig in to get the house clean.

You can’t make it half good because it will look like crap. So clean your home and you’re “normal”. 

Images from here and here.