100. Don’t paint yourself yellow and refer to Simpsons-DAY

“I find you offensive.”

“I find you closed minded.”

More like Simpsons-DAY! Ehh.. no?

This is just crazy! Fun, yes. But crazy. Probably would few people know why the heck you have painted yourself yellow, but the ones who got it would of course be all “Yeah… that’s awesome!” and others probably would go “What in the name of [*blank*]!?”.

Way ahead of you.

Most people like a practical joke and a joke like this is a good one, however the fact that you actually are yellow might have some drawbacks. For one thing you may have a hard time sitting if you don’t want your chair to get filthy. So bring a towel of some sort and you can at least sit like “normal” people.  

Images from here and here.