104. Don’t feed other peoples dogs if they tell you “Please don’t feed my dog.”

“Why did you feed my dog, I told you specifically not to.”

“Well, I just like to feed dogs, sorry. “

"That's not a dog!", "No, you are correct, but you get the drift right?"

But let’s face it. It is really fun to feed dogs. No man or probably any other animal gets as happy as a dog when it get food at times it did not thought that it would get food. Like when they are out walking with their masters. If a random person throws them a big sausage the dog goes:


Or perhaps they go:

“I say, that looks like an extraordinary meal and I’m going to have a feast I am.”

As stated further below... chocolate = bad.

Whatever the dog things it looks happy. It’s like tickling a person. They say that they don’t like it but then they laugh at the same time… there is a conflict here.

If you’re feeding a dog beware of chocolate, I’ve heard that’s bad for dogs. But hand them a treat and you are just  “normal”.

Images from here and here.