105. If your child is crying then try to figure out why and don’ just “Well… it’s a child, it’s suppose to cry.”

“WAAA… WAAA!” (supposed to illustrate a screaming child, that high pitched, weird that makes you feel bad and angry type of scream)

Child screams, that’s a fact. Who wouldn’t? You are small and don’t understand anything. Of course you’re going to scream right?


The thing is that children often scream because something is wrong. {What do you know? You don’t have kids! Well I could argue that I’ve been a child but that’s a futile argument}

Well. It seems that if I were a child I would sometimes scream because:

1) I am hungry.

2) I am in pain.

3) I miss mommy (and/or daddy).

4) I am tired.

5) I am angry.

Just some examples. I saw the following the other day.

A small child of around three is sitting in a stroller. The child has an older sister around six and she carries a small box of candy. She ask her younger sister:

“Do you want some candy?”

The small child smiles and nods. She clearly want some candy. All good so far. But before anything else happens with the candy the parent sees that the older sister almost has eaten all of her candy and says:

“Have you been eating all of your candy. I will take the candy away if you don’t eat it slower.”

The older sister, who was about to give her younger sister some candy now freeze and stops the candy giving in the middle of her action. The younger sister cries. The parents don’t do anything, because they did not see all the communication between their children.

Same? No. This is a movie.

Okay, it’s fine you might say. If it stopped here but it did not. For the following ten minutes the older sister is picking up nothing from her candy bag but fools the younger sister that she does and give it to her a number of times. The younger sister cries, screams and freak out. The parents do nothing. I hate this. Just try to watch your children and make them like each other and you’re normal.

Images from here and here.