107. If you have pets have a dog or a cat, not a pig

“Look, I’ve gotten a new pet.”

“Ahh, look at… What the h*ll is that?”

“It’s my pig.”

“You are a freak.”

Naaahh, cute.

I’m sorry but it’s not “normal” to have a pig. A pig is an animal with dirt on his face his shoes are a terrible disgrace (etc… from Bing Crosbys – Would You Like To Swing On A Star) that should be put in the stables or outdoors anyway and don’t take it in and cuddle with it. It’s a pig.

Not okey.

Didn’t you know? (Like Hermione should have said). It’s a pig! A PIG! Well it’s more “normal” to get a dog or a cat so go do that.  

Images from here and here.