110. Don’t accelerate just after you’ve been passed by another car

“WOO! Now I’m gonna speed up!”

Smooth process, that's the key.

Don’t you just hate those guys who speed up just as you pass them because they drove too slow? It would be okay if they did this after you passed them but while you are doing it? That’s just not okay. Instead you should let the other vehicle pass and be gone with it. So what if he or she gets a couple of seconds faster to work, you don’t really care right? Well if you do… you’re an idiot {Did he just call me an idiot?}.

There are risks involved. Yes I'm over doing it.

Often it’s not necessary to drive pass a single car, you won’t get that much time extra but you will increase risk, and risk taking is often fun but tend to be risky and therefore problematic if it goes wrong. So be the just right guy and just let others pass you tomorrow and see if that makes you feel bad. If it does then try to drive pass as many other cars as possible. Or just don’t care and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.