103. Don’t live in a lighthouse… that’s for the lighthouse keeper

“Who’s the loneliest man in the world?”

“The lighthouse keeper.”

A house, a Lighthouse.

That’s probably true back when there where people living and working in the lighthouse. That must really be a pretty lonely job. Nowadays probably (note. Probably) most lighthouses are run remotely without the need for a person at each lighthouse. If you were going to look for a house then you probably would not like to live in a lighthouse because of several reasons.

Hrrmmm… the reasons for not living in a lighthouse:

1) First of it could be hard to place your furniture in a good way. Where do you put this, and where do you put that?

2) And if the lighthouse is placed on an island then you have to travel to land to get groceries and stuff and that’s probably going to suck when the weather is harsh and your boat won’t manage the waves.

3) Imagine cleaning the stairs.

4) No neighbors.

5) If the lighthouse is active then you have to turn the light/lamp thing all the time to help boats and stuff navigate… and that’s… well… probably not that bad. Perhaps it’s even fun. Think about the good things with guiding half lost ships into a secure port.

Cool! (No pun... etc.)

So the good parts (starting with number two)

2) No neighbors… you can play your music as loud as you like and watch movies… also as loud as you like.

3) The design is kind of cool.

4) And more… can you think of more good or bad things?

So use the lighthouse or leave the lighthouse living to the professional, whatever you might choose you probably will be “normal”. 

Images from here and here.