112. Try not to curse… too much

“ [insert random curse word here]!”

“Mom, why is he calling you that?”

“What, no, he’s not calling me that he’s just saying that because he’s a [random curse word here]”

“Mom, what is a [random curse word here]”

“You’ll know when you get older”

"That's what he said."

If you curse like a drunk pirate all the time people will probably think that you don’t have anything important to say. So instead of that try to curse when it’s appropriate. Curse when you hit yourself somewhere and when you are in severe pain. Basically it’s okay to curse in the following scenarios:

1) When you hurt yourself.

2) When you are old.

3) When you watch football or [insert random sport you enjoy here] and your team or the judge do a mistake.

4) When you watch television and you think that something is outrageous.

5) When the printer fails to print your “job” even though you have done it a thousand times before and there should not be a problem with it.

That guy.

6) If you are attacked by animals.

7) If you are left alone in the woods with nothing more than your watch and the words “At least you will know what time it is.”

8) etc. Why don’t share your thoughts about when and when not to curse?

Try to curse sometimes but not all the time and you are “normal”.

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