114. Sit down if you’re tired, we’re not going to bully you.

Christ I am tired.”

“Sit down my child.”

“Sweet, can you here my thoughts?”

“Basically that’s the idea.”

“Wow, what’s the meaning of life?”

“Just sit down and stop asking so many questions. You’re tired right.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“You know that I can still hear your thoughts right?”


“I’m still here.”

Follow procedure.

And so it goes on. Well. You might be bullied, what do I know but I don’t think that other persons would go like:

(A old man sits down and catches his breath)

“HAHA, you are an old man! Haha!”

Probably people will go:

1) “I hope that my stamina is better when I’m old.”

2) “Look at the poor fella’, why don’t you sit here old man.” But he might just answer back.

“Old man! I was in the war you know! Old man, tahhh! I’ll stand.”

Any place is good.

3) Who cares. It’s an old man sitting down.

Just sit down and don’t care about what the other people will think about you and you are “normal”.

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