115. Give a sad person a hug and possible a pat on the back (not on the butt, it’s not the 50ties… or 60ties… or whenever you patted people on the butt and everybody was… all right, so I did a good job.)

“Hey! That’s my ass!”

“I know.”

That's a nice hug.

Usually people don’t tell you when they’re sad. Instead they will just go quiet and freeze in a bizarre position, staring blankly out into the emptiness of life. If you see a person doing this and you are comfortable in yourself then say:

“You look like you could need a hug.”

If they look at you with a “If you touch my I will kill you”-look, then disregard what I said and walk away. Otherwise give them a hug.

The second best is to give them a pat on the back and go “It will be all right.”

This is probably the best one out there!

Not that you have any idea if it ever will be all right, but this is just something you say. Imagine if that guy’s house burnt down and his family was killed and he will get fired in five minutes… well, then your pat would probably not help so much. If the printer malfunctions, then the pat will suffice. But then again, it’s better to get a hug/pat then not to get one. You can’t get too much of those.

Hug a lot and your “normal”.

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