117. If it aint broke, and you want to fix it, break it.

“What are you doing! That’s not broken!”


Google gave me this.

A friend of mine told me this once, and I think it’s quite brilliant. If you want to fix something and it’s not broken well… then you have to break it in order to fix it. That’s what you should do. However the breaking part is probably a bad idea for the most part of it. If you break something then you really need to know what to do to fix it, otherwise you will stand there looking like a donkey (or other random stupid looking animal

“Hey! I’m a donkey and I find that offensive.”

“You’re not a donkey. You’re an old man in rags.”

“…yeah… you’ve got me.”)


It’s often better to fix something that actually is broken, then people will think higher of you than if you go around breaking stuff. So you can’t let anybody see that you break stuff, then your safe… and “normal”.

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