68. Use sunglasses

In the same way as the sunscreen you should also use sunglasses.
Medium cool sunglasses.


They protect your eyes against crowfeet and make you look cool. Because you can’t be uncool with sunglasses… you got me… of course you can be uncool with sunglasses but it’s much harder then to look cool without them… hmmm, maybe I confused myself but the main thing is this. USE SUNGLASSES. 
“All the time?”
“Yes all the time.”
“Even when I’m in the chair at the dentist?”
“Especially in the chair at the dentist.”
“…no, you’re an idiot.”
Cool as hell sunglasses!


Use sunglasses when you’re outside and, if you are a celebrity, use them inside as well but with a different tone on your glasses.

Not cool... or is it? No, no it is not.


Perhaps you could were blacks outside and then blue inside. In this way you will look cool everywhere but not the same and that’s really nice. Use sunglasses you cool “normal” dude. 
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