70. Don’t tell people how much you make unless you make a lot and want to rub it in.

This is a crucial matter. People can really start to dislike you if you tell them how much you make.
Yeay! I shower in money. Why? Because I can.

They would think that you are trying to brag. If you are… well then really rub it in because you can’t just brag a little. If you brag you should do it a lot. If you don’t like to show off then you should shut the hell up. The thing is that this is a question that everybody wants to ask but few have the guts to do so. Most people just don’t have the courage to ask away.


Nice... just walk around with a cart filled up with money.

They just sit there and try to squeeze it out of you without even a hint of touch. Of course it can be quite fun to not tell them even if they ask you and say something like: 
“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”
“If I tell you… I will have to kill you.”
“I will have to eat your dog if I tell yoú.” (yeah, I just made that up… nobody really say this… or do they? NO… no, they do not.”


Don’t tell or tell, it’s up to you “normal”.
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