67. Wear sunscreen

“Are you talking about that song?”
“No… but it’s good, so listen to it if you haven’t.”


You don’t want to look like a shriveled up old grape when you’re not 150 years old so be sure to use sunscreen. Yeah. I know it can be tough and hard to put on but it helps a lot as a nice blanket towards the evil sun… yeah, he is out to get you! Be sure to have sunscreen everywhere… well maybe not everywhere but pretty much so, otherwise you will end up with a crater on your back of red fury.


So instead take help from somebody that can fix you right up. If you never have use sunscreen before be prepared to feel weird, because it will not dry out very fast and you will look like a semi transparent freak… but we all look like that if we have used enough sunscreen. The thing is that you have to use a lot to get a nice and fat layer of protection. You make look like a freak… but that’s just “normal”.   
Images from here and here.