72. Listen to audio books but tell people that you read books, they won’t get it.

So… you like to read books but never find the time. Use audio books instead but why tell anybody about them?

Hmm... this is not how it looks.

Well, you could do that if the other persons like the fact that you listen to audio books but some people really don’t get it and they need to hear that you have read them. It’s like a circuit in their brains that just go haywire if you say:

“Yeah, I listen to audio books.”

“What!? Are you crazy! Are you taking the words of authors and just destroying them like that!? How could you!? How can you!?”

“… okay? Is it that weird?”

“Yeah it is!”


Who has a T-shirt with a pocket full of iPod?

But people rarely think that you’re weird if you say that you read books, because most people do. And if most people do something it’s often considered to be “normal”.

Are you normal? Nah… you’re “normal”.

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