73. Clip you toenails BEOFRE they grow really weird and witchlike

“Mouah ha ha ha…” *diabolic laughter*

Sorry bout' that.

If your toenails have developed a society and language of their own… you are probably a bit too late of clipping them. Keep them short and yes… it’s going to hurt. The thing is that you sometimes will make mistakes and cut of something else then your nail… your skin. This can cause pain.  If you would like to overdo it then you should also use a file and fix up your nails really pretty.

You probably shouldn’t paint your nails if you’re a guy… but if you’re a girl go ahead. The main problem with toes is that they are weird and ugly, for the most part of it. Often do men’s toes look ugly compared to women’s. Maybe it’s because they are bigger, maybe it’s because we don’t look at women’s toes but something else or because girls take better care of themselves.


They file, paint and fix them and guys just go “Ha, whatcha gonna do, they are nails dude.” Or maybe… well, maybe they are much nicer. Whatever the point is… clip them and you’re “normal”.

Images from here and here.