74. Brush your teeth at least two times a day, after breakfast and before you go to bed.

Why do some people brush their teeth before eating breakfast and not after?


Maybe stars will shine while you brush... no, they will not.

It’s okay to do both if you want that weird crazy feeling of drinking orange juice that tastes like… well, just really not like orange juice. But the point of cleaning your teeth is to remove filth and there are usually more of that if you have eaten previous to brushing them.


They do this? Apparently they do.

And you have to do the brushing every day. You can’t skip that because you feel like it. You have to brush them to make them clean and nice.  And no, you cannot create a buffer by brushing your teeth 20 times on row. You can use a lot of different things besides a common brush such as floss, mouthwash etc. and why not because your teeth health is important.


Otherwise this will happen.

Do you brush your teeth? Good, then you’re “normal”.

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