76. If you’re a girl and need to use the bathroom tell others that you need to Pee, if you are a guy tell them that you need to use the bathroom

“I need to go pee.”

“Okay? Why are you telling me this?”


AHH! A bear!

What’s with girls always telling what they are going to do at the bathroom? Perhaps this is just a Swedish thing, but frankly I don’t care about what people in general do in their bathroom. But let’s face it. If you want to be “normal” you have to stick with the program. So the girl part is done. If you are a guy, however, then instead just say that you are going to the bathroom and that’s final, finite, end. Don’t tell people:

1) “Yeah… so I’m gonna take the biggest crap ever.”

2) “Hmm… maybe I will use the sink this time?”

3) “I wonder if everybody use the brush for cleaning out their buttocks? I sure do.”

4) “Apparently everybody don’t pee on the floor, weird right?”

5) Do you also lick the seat before?

6) [Add additional weird things here]


Do not share.

Just be aware of this and stay “normal”.

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